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Mental Health Counseling Services

The focus of the therapy process is to bring insight and clarity into your life, so that the issues you are facing are manageable in a 

consistent and positive way. 

Our staff members are trained in their areas of expertise and are effective in identifying the underlying causes of your condition and in 

moving forward with productive treatment as your committed wellness partner.  

When you contact Advanced Awareness Counseling you will be matched with a therapist that has expertise in the areas that you need 

help with. 

Specific areas of expertise are: 



Suicide Assessment

Suicide Prevention

Couples Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Divorce Issues

Addiction and Substance Abuse


Social Anxiety


General Life Problems



Borderline Personality

Bi-Polar Disorder

Anger Management

Domestic Violence

Gender Non-Conforming


Gender Dysphoria






Behavioral Issues

Autistic Spectrum

Play Therapy

Sand Tray Therapy

Our team specializes in working with the LGBTQ+ community and in addressing their specific needs. We also work with Children and Preteens. When you contact Advanced Awareness Counseling you will be seen by our intake therapist and paired with the therapist that is best suited to meet your therapeutic goals and needs based on their area of expertise.

Mental Health Counseling

Faith Transitions, LatinX, Jewish,

LGBTQ+ WPATH Transgender, Allies

Marriage and Couples Counseling, 

Children and Adolescents

EMDR and Trauma

Anxiety, Depression, Mood

DBT, CBT, Play Therapy, Sand Tray

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