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Isaac Vazquez

Clinical Director

I am committed to ensuring that you feel welcome, comfortable, safe, and are matched with the best counselor to meet your needs. I am a highly empathic person and want to do all I can to help you begin feeling better. 

I can help you discover small yet simple solutions to your personal struggles that will make a big impact in the way you feel and live your life. We will work with your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and use solution-based skills to help you be more in control of anxiety, trauma, and/or depression.

If you are looking for Couples/Family Therapy, I can help your family discover harmony, trust, teamwork, and feelings of closeness. We will do this by working on new communication skills, how to fight fair, and awareness of the underlying emotions that contribute to the problems.

I advocate for the use of holistic and mindful therapies before medical-based options. I also incorporate cutting-edge neuro & bio-feedback technology and virtual reality therapy into these specialties. 

My areas of expertise are finding peace with anxiety (personal & social), finding joy and life amidst depression, overcoming hurtful trauma and PTSD, and helping the LGBTQ+ come out confidently in society while assisting in their difficult transitions. I advocate extensively for the LGBTQ+ community and deeply empathize with the intense difficulties they have as they search to feel whole and connected.

Having served in the military, I work closely with individuals experiencing PTSD and various forms of trauma. I served in the United States Air Force stationed in Panama City Beach, FL. I am a dual licensed clinician practicing both Mental Health Counseling and Marriage & Family Therapy. 

Call or email now so I can starting helping you live a more fulfilling and happier life. I would be privileged to work hard with you to help you start feeling better. 

Education: M.S. Barry University (Mental Health Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy); B.S. Brigham Young University Idaho (Psychology)

Licenses: Clinical Mental Health Counselor (Utah) #11009876-6004; Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (Utah) #11009876-3902

Isaac Vazquez may be contacted for bookings at: (801) 341-9521 or at [email protected] 
Scheduling by appointment only. 
*Se habla español*
Brody Bates

I have worked in the mental health and substance abuse recovery field for over 14 years. During that time I  has trained in several effective modalities of treatment and intervention including: EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Family systems therapy. I am skilled in using experiential techniques to engage the whole person in the movement of healthy change. 

I approach my work with passion and caring for the individuals, couples, and families who are suffering in the throes of mental illness. I have an acute sense of compassion for those who feel marginalized and disconnected. My approach is one of engagement in the lives of those I work with. 

I love anything that can get me outside and into the beauty of the world around me. I share this spirit of gratitude and appreciation with those that I am able to work with. My passions are spending time with my growing family and our energetic dog Sophie, and training to compete in long distance endurance sports. I am a competitive athlete and love to push past my physical and mental limits.

Licenses: Clinical Mental Health Counselor (Utah) #9668264-6004

Brody Bates may be contacted for bookings at: [email protected] 
Scheduling by appointment only. 

Kristin Adams

First, let me acknowledge and admire your courage in taking the first step in your personal healing journey.

I understand that making the initial call, and attending the first therapy session, can be a frightening prospect.  Knowing this, my primary objective is that you leave your first session feeling understood, accepted and validated.

I am a firm believer that my ability to help you feel emotionally safe is key to a successful therapeutic relationship.
I know it is vital to your success to talk openly without feeling judged.  I also understand that for people to make lasting change they need to be motivated out of love, not fear.

Having been in practice for over 15 years, I have extensive experience working with a wide variety of individuals and issues.  I have extensive experience in intake interviewing and assessments for various needs.  

I kindly offer individual, couples, and family therapy.  Some of my areas of specialty include:  anxiety, depression, post partum depression, bipolar disorder, OCD, eating disorders, low self esteem, parenting challenges, ADHD, ODD, adolescents, relationship/marital issues, infertility, self harm, grief, trauma/abuse, substance use/abuse, and issues related to transgender/gender non-conforming individuals.

I lovingly work with people of all genders and orientations, ethnicities, races, and religions.

Education: M.S.W. University of Utah (Social Work); B.S. Brigham Young University (Psychology) 
Licenses: Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Utah) #331348-3501

Kristin Adams may be contacted for bookings at: [email protected]
Scheduling by appointment only. 

Christine Madden

My greatest passion is to help bring healing to those who have experienced trauma or stressful events. I believe that healing is a collaborative endeavor which requires honest caring, without judgment, as I cooperatively assist my clients in clarifying their goals for treatment.

I draw from a variety of modalities, including: Solution-Focused, Person-Centered, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), to meet the needs of each individual and situation.

I am committed to help my clients with depression, anxiety, trauma, life changes, grief, divorce, relationship issues, and empowering clients to live their true authentic self. I work with individuals and couples.

I have extensive experience working as a social worker (SSW), assisting individuals, families, adolescents, and children. I am an ally and active supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community. I enjoy working with people of all populations, genders, orientations, ethnicities, and religions.

I have extensive experience working as a social worker (SSW), assisting individuals, families, adolescents, and children. I am an ally and active supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community. I enjoy working with people of all populations, genders, orientations, ethnicities, and religions.

Education: M.S.W. Utah Valley University (Social Work) in progress; B.S.W. Utah Valley University (Social Work); MSW-i, CSW-i

Licenses: Certified Social Worker (Utah) 10504173-3502; Social Services Worker SSW (Utah) 10504173-3503

Christine Madden may be contacted for bookings at: christine[email protected] 
Scheduling by appointment only.

Elizabeth Gray

Hi, please call me Beth! I am completing my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at
Southern New Hampshire University as I work as a graduate level intern. As a mental health professional, I
strive to be a healing force when people need it the most. 

Over the last decade, I have been guiding families to achieve harmony, helping them adjust to
changes in their family dynamic and structure. I have worked as a board member for
Empowering Fearless Birth and The Birth Circle, working to improve rights for people, pregnancy,
childbirth, breast/chest feeding, and postpartum conerns. Much of that focus has been helping new
parents with the emotional struggles with changing families. Through this I have gained familiarity, ease, and valuable skills in working with children and adolescent clients. 

I have completed level I training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, a specialized set of therapy skills and approaches for marriage and family counseling. I have also received training from Postpartum Support International. 

I have gained a passion for social justice and am proactive in helping make the world a better place by helping one person at a time, with the overarching goal of improving harmony for all. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community I understand hardships faced by minorities. I use that passion to support people no matter what stage of life they are in, or challenges and changes they are experiencing. 

My free time is spent playing Board, Tabletop, and Role Playing games. I am a super nerd/geek at heart. These skills have helped me to approach each client with strategies that are designed specifically for their ever changing needs.

Education: M.S. Southern New Hampshire University (Mental Health Counseling); B.S. Utah State University (Developmental Psychology); ACMHC-i

*Elizabeth Gray's direct supervisors are Kristin Adams, LCSW and Isaac Vazquez, CMHC, LMFT.*

Elizabeth Gray may be contacted for bookings at: bethgray[email protected] 
Scheduling by appointment only. 

Ali Pendleton

I have worked with individuals and families in various aspects of their growth. I take pride and pleasure in helping others understand themselves and where they want to grow. 

As a Masters of Social Work student at Utah Valley University I am a new addition to the Advanced Awareness Counseling team, but ready to hit the ground running! I have learned to value the therapist-client relationship more than any other element of the clinical process. Your ability to find healing through our sessions depends greatly on your ability to trust me as not only a clinician, but as someone who plays an active role in your life. 

I have worked with individuals, families, and couples as they navigate transitions of all types, including both physical and emotional trauma. I have a strong background in social justice, and chose to work at Advanced Awareness due to their involvement with Utah's LGBTQ+ community. 

I can tailor therapy to the needs of each client. The most important component of therapy is that you feel we have a solid and trusting relationship. I will always check in with you to see where you are as far as your feelings about our therapeutic relationship. 

I am an active outdoors person, and spend much of my time in the backcountry of Utah and Wyoming. I find great healing in nature, and encourage my clients to use the outdoors as an element in their own therapy. As much as I love digging into the dark parts of your heart I share an equal love of laughter and light, and try to balance my sessions with both pieces of me. 

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Education: M.S.W. Utah Valley University (Social Work) in progress; B.A. University of Wyoming (Behavioral Science); MSW-i, CSW-i

*Ali Pendleton's direct supervisors are Kristin Adams, LCSW and Isaac Vazquez, CMHC, LMFT.*

Ali Pendleton may be contacted for bookings at: ali[email protected] 
Scheduling by appointment only. 

Tennessa Harmon

As an experiential therapist, I focus on awareness of the whole self, authenticity, and balance in life. While the past is critical to understanding the present, I encourage a here-and-now approach to healing the past.

When I look at an individual, it is easy to observe the many components that complete that person. Your uniqueness and value is enhanced, affirmed and validated as you come to accept the person you are. I like to compare it to a puzzle. All pieces are different, and necessary to complete the whole. When a piece is missing, the puzzle is incomplete. 

Through awareness, assimilation, and balance, I encourage you to reunite the parts of yourself that you have cut off or shut down, so the completed picture is whole, and unbroken. I believe firmly the whole person must be addressed, and that only then is true authenticity and full self-actualization possible.

As a gay woman, I am culturally sensitive, affirmative, and open to the uniqueness of the individuals I work with, be they of the LGBTQ+ population or otherwise. Having grown up in the LDS faith, I have personally navigated the LDS/LGBTQ+ dynamic and feel confident in my abilities to help you do the same in a way that works for you.

I have 5+ years of experience working with children and teens who struggle with the autism spectrum disorder addressing social and other behavioral issues. I am experienced with play therapy and applied behavioral analysis techniques.

Education: M.S. Argosy University (Mental Health Counseling); B.A. Oakland University.

Licenses: Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor (Utah) #10650491-6009

Tennessa Harmon may be contacted for bookings at: [email protected] 
Scheduling by appointment only. 

Adrienne Gamble

I have a strong desire to serve others! I enjoy learning who people are and seeing the picture of their life.  How can I help you improve the perspective you have on your life? How I can I simply help you improve your life.  I can assist in mitigating traumas, anxieties, depression, and various other hold-ups to help you free mental and emotional space to feel empowered to enjoy your life and the world around you. 

I work to anticipate the needs of others and listen carefully to make sure I am hearing you correctly. I listen carefully so I can hear the pieces of the puzzle that only you have knowledge of, to use those to help empower you to control your future, accept your past, overcome obstacles, and be the master of your own life. 

Education: M.S. (Mental Health Counseling)The State University of New York; B.S. (Music/Psychology)
Licenses: Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Utah) #8598695-3501

Adrienne works under the guidance and supervision of the clinical director, Isaac Vasquez, CMHC, LMFT

Adrienne Gamble may be contacted for bookings at: [email protected]
Scheduling by appointment only. 

Troy Leishman

I graduated from the University of Utah Clinical Mental Health Counseling program and I have a deep passion for working with people and helping them understand themselves. 

I have several years of experience working with adolescents and families in crisis. I am versed in suicide assessment and prevention for both adolescents and adults. I am committed to being there to help you understand your worth and guiding you toward finding your purpose. 

I advocate extensively for the LGBTQ+ community and am an active advocate in both Salt Lake County and Utah County, not to mention wherever I go! I am affiliated with Encircle/Flourish and Authentic Awareness Inc., both non-profit corporations helping the LGBTQ+ community access and obtain resources. I follow WPATH standards and keep up to date on all information disseminated by the LGBT Affirmative Therapists Guild of Utah. 

I believe strongly that self-love and self-respect are the solid basis for good mental and emotional health.

I work from a person-centered approach, believing that each client can be the expert in their own life. I am enthusiastic about helping clients explore what possibilities for what the future holds!

Education: M.S. University of Utah (Mental Health Counseling); B.A. Utah Valley University (Behavioral Science)

Licenses: Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor (Utah) #9475666-6009; Social Service Worker SSW (Utah) #9475666-3503

Troy Leishman may be contacted for bookings at: [email protected] 
Scheduling by appointment only. 
*Se habla español*

Karen Russell

I am a specialized practitioner in Marriage and Family Therapy. I have had many years of experience in the helping profession; I have a Master’s in Education in School Counseling and have been a school counselor for almost 20 years. I have worked with parents and students affected by trauma, school refusal, and LGBTQ+ needs, along with many other concerns. I am also involved with Flourish Counseling Services, helping the LGBTQ+ community through as many avenues as I can.

I serve on the Executive Board of TEA of Utah. I am also a proud member of Mama Dragons and have personal experience working through the process of parenting a gay child. I work with families using narrative, solution-focused therapy techniques, and dialectic behavior techniques. Areas of interest include adolescents, adults, couples and families, trauma and PTSD, LGBTQ+ issues, domestic violence, and women’s issues.

Education: M.S. Capella University (Marriage and Family Therapy)

Licenses: Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (Utah) #11151552-3904

Karen works under the guidance and supervision of the clinical director, Isaac Vasquez, CMHC, LMFT

Karren Russell may be contacted for bookings at: [email protected] 
Scheduling by appointment only. 

Jay Snyder

Here's a quick glance at a few ideas behind what I do:

I see a person of what ever age with their inherent sense of dignity and work with their self-determination;  I aid in the healing, brainstorming or clarifying process if a person is willing to change;  if and when diagnoses are necessary for insurance or validation then that is all it is-not as an identifier of who the person is, the person is much more than that; I operate with the idea we are all learning!  Let's look where you want to go, not just where you don't.  I work to start noticing strengths, what is working and what is going well and how we can use this in different areas of life.  

Therapy is not about me.  During our meetings I take the role of the guide not as the expert.  The idea is you becoming more the expert of your life as you learn. I will, however, guide your process more or less at times, ask you important questions when needed, and challenge your thoughts and assumptions if they seem to work against you.  To offset the honesty, reflection and mindfulness my therapeutic style also include some humor and fun-although that is a relative term.

I work within schools, so I am well versed working with kids of all ages, from kindergarten to seniors.  I am also well versed working with the adults having challenges with kids of these ages.

Before moving into mental health I worked within fitness and wellness for over ten years.  I use this understanding in multiple ways including creating boundaries, prioritizing, need for play and self-care.  

I feel it is important you find someone you can feel very comfortable with. If you have questions feel free to give me a call.  I can return phone calls after 4:15pm M-F. 

Education: M.S.W. Brigham Young University (Social Work); B.S. Utah Valley University (Psychology)
Licenses: Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Utah) #8598695-3501

Jay Snyder may be contacted for bookings at: [email protected]
Scheduling by appointment only.